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“Auspicious Cloud”- All-solid-state Ka-band nephoscope

“Auspicious Cloud”- All-solid-state Ka-band nephoscope

All-solid-state nephoscope of Ka-band is an entirely new equipment for cloud observations. Parameters such as cloud top height, base height, cloud profile structure as well as vertical velocity, etc. can be obtained by its working mode of headspace vertical detection to explore the process of continuous changes on cloud precipitation.

The nephoscope absorbs a series of mature technologies from the following respects: pulse-compression techniques of all-solid-state weather radar, fully solid-state transmitter, frequency source with high stability, large dynamic range digital receiver, low sidelobe antenna, programmable DSP and real-time graphic terminals.

The system has been advanced in its high sensitivity and reliability with convenient maintenance. Particularly less affected by atmospheric environment, it is greatly suitable for continuous and long-term operation, which has remedied deficiency of other equipment regarding cloud detection.  

Product Features

●  The nephoscope is a fully solid-state transmitter. There are not any consumable throughout it. The costs for operating and maintenance are extremely low;

●  There are abundant meteorological products. Its format data is able to be compatible with CINRAD;

●  The nephoscope has functions of instantaneous calibration as well as fault detection;

●  High reliability and strong capacity for working continuously;

●  With its compact design, the nephoscope is easily and quickly to be set and constructed;

●  The power is quite low even peak value is released. Therefore, the nephoscope is energy-saving and environmentally friendly with little electromagnetism contamination.

 Main Index 

Radar Type

Fully solid-state, All-coherent Doppler, Quasi-continuous Wave and Pulse-compression

Operating Frequency

Ka-band, 35GHz±200MHz

Mode of Antenna Scanning

Headspace Vertical Detection and Fixed Direction

Antenna Aperture


Scope of Altimetric Measurement


Resolution Ratio





Range of Parameter Measurement





Spectral Width


Meteorological Products(include but are not limited to)

Basic Data

Z(Reflectivity)、V(Radial Velocity)、W(Velocity Spectral Width

Physical Quantity

Cloud Top height, Cloud Base Height, Vertical Profile and Rain/cloud Water Content

Power Requirements

AC220V/50Hz, Consumption ≤0.5KW, Generator is optional.

Weight (Standard Configuration)