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YLD1-C” Auspicious Rain-C” All-solid-state X-Band All Coherent Doppler Weather Radar

YLD1-C” Auspicious Rain-C” All-solid-state X-Band All Coherent Doppler Weather Radar

YLD1-C all-solid-state X-Band all coherent Doppler Weather Radar (Code ”Auspicious Rain-C”) was developed mainly for organizations including meteorological departments in city or county, airports, oil fields, salt fields and hydraulic institutions. Artificial weather and on-site emergency commanding system can be applied by “Auspicious Rain-C” to fully detect and quantitatively analyze the weather conditions less than R75km. That would provide valid meteorological information for decision-makers. Introducing 1.2m antennae, ”Auspicious Rain-C” Weather Radar’s structure designed is light. Hence, the features of small size, strong portability and maneuverability result in the specialties of easily being taken on vehicles or constructed under complicated geographical conditions.

As a solid-state transmitter, “Auspicious Rain-C” has been outstanding in its continuous operation, low cost of operation maintenance, high reliability, long service life, concise terminal operation and abundant weather products. Furthermore, its format of base data is compatible with CINRAD.

Product Features

●  The QCW system is all-solid-state with high reliability and cost-effectiveness but low cost of operation maintenance;

●  The format of base data is compatible with CINRAD;

●  High sensitivity of receiver, long dynamic range and long operating life as adoption of solid-state protector;

●  Low phase noise frequency source and high frequency stability;

●  Advanced system of signal processing and generative software of weather products;

●  Function of real-time calibration and fault detection to ensure the accuracy of metrical data;

●  Small, light and flexible to be used with strong maneuverability and convenient to be disassembled and constructed.




Detection Range

Warning 100km
Ration 75km

Antenna Aperture


Transmitter Power


Mobile Radar

Cabin, Vehicle-borne

Product Features


The radar has simple function, focusing on low purchase cost and high maneuverability, which can provide multiple mobile solutions. Being able to be portable, the radar can be applied into some situations like artificial weather modification.