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YLD1-A” Auspicious Rain-A” All-solid-state X-Band All Coherent Doppler Weather Radar

YLD1-A” Auspicious Rain-A” All-solid-state X-Band All Coherent Doppler Weather Radar

YLD1-A all-solid-state X-Band all coherent Doppler Weather Radar (Code” Auspicious Rain-A”) is used for detecting mesoscale or microscale (within 150km) weather targets. ”Auspicious Rain-A” is effective to fill up blind area of S-band or C-band Weather Radar, which can provide services for artificial weather, waterlogging prevention, meteorological emergency security and significant meteorological phenomenon, etc. Particularly, it would be well utilized in the organizations or areas such as primary meteorological departments, water conservation, airports and salt fields. CINRAD is also compatible with this product.

 As a solid-state transmitter, “Auspicious Rain-A” has been outstanding in its high reliability, low cost of operation maintenance, long service life, continuous operation and quick switching, compared with traditional vacuum tube transmitter. In addition, its easy operation and maintenance help “Auspicious Rain-A” with a highly cost-effective performance.

The structural design of “Auspicious Rain-A” is modularization and integration, so that the product is rapidly to be disassembled by human transportation or constructed at a fixed site. Furthermore, used as a mobile radar, “Auspicious Rain-A” is applicable based on off-road vehicles, small vehicles or cabins.

Product Features

● The QCW system is all-solid-state with high reliability but low cost of operation maintenance;

●  High sensitivity of receiver, long dynamic range and long operating life as adoption of solid-state protector;

●  Its format of base data is compatible with CINRAD;

●  Low phase noise frequency source and high frequency stability;

●  Advanced system of signal processing and generative software of weather products;

● Function of real-time calibration and fault detection to ensure the accuracy of metrical data;

●  Small, light and flexible to be used with strong maneuverability and convenient to be disassembled and constructed.





Detection Range

Warning 150km
 Ration 100km

Antenna Aperture


Transmitter Power


Mobile Radar

Cabin, Vehicle-borne

Product Features


The radar has perfect functions with medium purchase cost and evenly   comprehensive indexes, which is able to provide various kinds of mobile solutions and to be applied in most situations.