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YLD1-D” Auspicious Rain-D” All-solid-state X-Band All Coherent Doppler Weather Radar

YLD1-D” Auspicious Rain-D” All-solid-state X-Band All Coherent Doppler Weather Radar

The solid-state transmitter, “Auspicious Rain-D” has been outstanding in its high reliability, low cost of operation maintenance, long service life, continuous operation and quick switching, compared with traditional vacuum tube transmitter. In addition, its easy operation and maintenance help “Auspicious Rain-B” with a highly cost-effective performance.

The structural design of “Auspicious Rain-D” is modularization and integration, so that the product is easily to be constructed at a fixed site. Furthermore, its format of base data is compatible with CINRAD.

Product Features

●  The system of dual linear polarization is all-solid and advanced;

●  The radar is a fully solid-state transmitter with low peak power, low radiation but high reliability;

●  Highly consistent dual-channel receiver with low-phase-noise frequency source;

●  Massive scale programmable signal or data can be processed;

●  Small, light and convenient maintenance;

●  Low power dissipation and low cost of operation maintenance;

●  Strong maneuverability, great cost-effective performance and high reliability.





Detection Range

Warning 300km

Antenna Aperture

(with Radome)

Transmitter Power


Mobile Radar


Product Features

The radar has function of dual-polarization with perfect performance index but highest purchase cost. It is suitable for fixed installation. However, both detectivity and dual-polarization require a demanding situation to be applied.